AUGUST – Official Music Video

Shot and edited by Thank You Keith Productions

Director/Editor – Evan Buxbaum
Director/DP – Ryan Mitchel
Assistant Camera – Alan Ginsberg
2nd Assistant Camera – Jen Guneyli
Assistant Director – Sabrina Hilpp
Grip – Aki Ikeno

Concept by The Hollows

“The Jarkeeper” played by Chris Tocco

Skeleton costume design – Daniel Kwiatkowski, Jeffrey Kurtze
Skeleton masks & additional costume design – Valerie Light, Laura Nesson

Lighting design – Erik Saxvik

Gerald W. Lynch Theater crew:
Robert Ieardi, Zak Katz, Jeffrey Kurtze, Jeff Marsey, Mia Vlah

Additional crew:
Sarah Gainer, Ashley Grombol, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Rob Morrison, David Paarlberg, Phil Pickens, Michael Propster, Chris Tocco

Special thanks to Josh Redfearn, Jason Marsh, and Johanna Whitton

A music video for the song “August” by The Hollows
off their self-titled EP
© & ℗ 2012 Lonesome Ghost Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

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