photo by Ross Bernhardt

The Hollows Record Release Show at Brooklyn Bowl

by Ross Bernhardt

Tuesday, April 23 marked the release of Neverending Show by NYC band The Hollows, and they celebrated in style at Brooklyn Bowl along with Rocket & the Ghost, Alana Amram and the Rough Gems and Balthrop, Alabama.

It was fitting that the projection screens all around Brooklyn Bowl were showing the first season of Game of Thrones because, despite what the calendar says, it felt like Winter was Coming last night. But The Hollows made everyone forget about the weather for an hour during their record release show.

Joined by opening acts Balthrop, Alabama, Rocket & The Ghost and Alana Amram and the Rough Gems, The Hollows celebrated their new live album Neverending Show (which we reviewed yesterday). While this set wasn’t as long as the one featured on the record (and was slowed by some early technical difficulties), things eventually heated up. The foot-stomping and impromptu square dancing and jumping came in full force from the crowd as they sang and danced to the hybrid folk music. The theatricality of the band and the warmth in their music really just wraps you up and adds so much more to the experience.

With any live show, there are sure to be surprises. The Hollows surprised us all with one of the covers they have been working on as part of their pledge campaign. For certain pledges, the band will play any song of his or her choosing. Guitarist Erik Saxvik shared that the song they were about to play was the suggestion of a close friend, and that song just happened to be “The Crossroads” by rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony.


Clear your preconception of whatever you think a folk band covering a rap group could possibly sound like, because this cover was pretty damn impressive. Saxvik and Daniel Kwiatkowski showed they have some serious flow, and seeing that alone would have been enough to satisfy me.

Among the openers, the only band that really stood out to me was Rocket & The Ghost. All of their songs were incredibly well constructed, and their songs are a wonderful mix of traditional/modern rock and some throwback rockabilly sounds. Front man Kiyoshi Matsuyama has one hell of a voice. That falsetto of his is just gorgeous.

The whole night felt like a celebration, and the warmth from all of the bands made it easy for everyone to forget about the cold waiting outside.

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