The Hollows Bring Some Southern Comfort to Brooklyn

by Tom Shackleford

Tuesday night happened to be my first show ever at my newest favorite venue in Williamsburg– Brooklyn Bowl. Not only did I discover the live sound is absolutely insane at this bowling alley/concert venue, but I discovered a roots-rock band that is capable of melting my face off with great music and out of this world personalities as well. I can honestly say that I had more fun watching this band play live than any other band I have yet to see play here in New York. I should’ve known after my first few Brooklyn Lagers that it was going to be a fun night.

Lead by a banjo player that looks like Myles Kennedy, and strikes similar excellent rock guitar poses as well, these guys bring a fun packed show from beginning to end. With a set filled with crisp mandolin and banjo, smooth bass lines, and a perfect mixture of freewheeling vocals, these guys have their niche-style music carved out perfectly in the Brooklyn music scene.

Kicking off the first of their two sets of the night with a fun and catchy single “Sticks & Stones” off their 2011 LP, Belong to the Land, The Hollows powered though material that would make any southern hillbilly put down their moonshine and strut their stuff in a merry jubilee with songs like “Old Brown Dog,” “Canyon Rose,” and “Youngblood.” There isn’t really a frontman in this band, rather more of an array of different style vocalists who each bring their own fuel to add to the fire. They also exchange instrumentation almost as frequently as they take turns singing in the mic, giving each song a new personality in a mix and match style musical experience.
These guys have been stretching their legs outside NYC as of lately as well. This was their last show for a few months as they’ve been rigorously playing shows a handful of shows in Austin during SXSW, Fort Worth, Nashville, and Louisville. Check out the band’s official website & Facebook page for news and updates on when they’ll be back on the road again!


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