“MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA” video premiere on Billboard!

BILLBOARD – Watch The Hollows Imitate ‘American Bandstand’ In ‘Mountains to the Sea’ Video: Exclusive

The video mixes images of the band, pops of color, out of the ordinary antics and a beach party.

“We wanted to recreate what American Bandstand might look like in a dream state,” said band member Rob Morrison. “It’s basically a stream-of-consciousness beach party that’s equal parts The Animals and David Lynch.”

The single comes off their much anticipated LP Between the Water and the Wonder Wheel which released June 3.

“Like all our videos, it couldn’t have happened without the help of our friends and colleagues. We’re so lucky to have a community of people that are willing to lend their incredible talents as part of our cast and crew,” said bandmate David Paarlberg.

Director/Editor: Brad Wagner      Assistant Director: Eva Dahl
Carpenters: Jeff Marsey, Chris Zeig, Chris Cain, Eric Dyer, The Hollows
Scenic Artist: Catt Melendez      Choreography: Jeffrey Kurtze & Megan Gerlach
Wardrobe: Joy Donze     Tailoring: Expert Tailoring
Production Coordinator: Maggie Cantrick      Production Photographer: Clifton Leach
Transportation: Cynthia Mace, Aaron Mooney & Erin Calligan Mooney
Equipment: Ayad Al Adhamy, Rose Brand, PRG Proshop
Additional crew & artistic direction: The Hollows 

Special thanks to Siegfried’s Basement LLC


Joie Bauer     Colette Dong      Joy Donze     Megan Gerlach
Ashley Grombol       Timothy Heck       Flannery Houston
Raven Jelks       Jeremy Lydic     Jeff Marsey     Danny Mefford
Kelsey Newton      Phil Pickens      Michael Propster
Pamela Wess     Emily Fellner Zeig

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