The Hollows Premiere New Song “Jepson Creek”

by Alyssa Coluccio 

New York folk-rockers The Hollows are fusing tried and true southern rock with themes of mortality in their new song, “Jepson Creek.” With its strong piano parts, jangling acoustics, twangy banjo bits, and big band harmonies, it’s one of those songs that uses its southern soul to create some massive momentum. That big sound wasn’t accidental, though. As songwriter Erik Saxvik told us, “this song evolved entirely from the desire to set a big, bad, gritty blues-rock song on the band.” It also bares the influence of the classics. “This song is 50% The Band and 50% Creedence Clearwater Revival to me. In fact, ‘Up on Cripple Creek’ may have been a direct influence on the lyrics,” he continues. Levon Helms’ verse inspired Erik to think more deeply into “the ways in which life and death are synergistic properties… one simply does not relevantly exist without the other.” And there you have it– a down-to-earth folk tune with an intricate meaning. Spin the song’s exclusive premiere, and be ready for the band’s forthcoming, self-titled EP to drop June 26.

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