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New York City’s The Hollows Honor Levon Helm With “The Weight” Cover

The impact of Levon Helm’s musical influence traces back to his time with the Band and Bob Dylan, but continues to resonate with contemporary artists. New York City’s up and coming roots-rock multi-instrumentalists The Hollows are the latest to pay tribute to the late drummer with the soulful country twang by covering “The Weight.”

“The Weight” has become a standard for artists both past and present to cover, with notable names such as Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin (with Duane Allman on guitar), and Weezer recording and performing their own versions.

The Hollows cite The Band as one of their strongest influences. Much like the Toronto born roots-rock pioneers, members of The Hollows (Erik Saxvik, David Paarlberg, Jeffrey Kurtze, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Rob Morrison and Justin Aaronson) are multi-instrumentalists who all contribute as songwriters.

To mark the release of their new self-titled EP, The Hollows will be performing at Brooklyn Bowl on June 26th.

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