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If there is a claim to fame for Brooklyn band The Hollows, it’s the fact that there is no frontman. Or maybe it’s that there are in fact six frontmen, all of equal rank and contribution. Whatever way you slice it, these guys – who make damn fine use of a hodgepodge of mandolins, banjos, accordions, guitars, horns, harmonicas and various other musical doodads – know how to party. When they are together making music, the members of The Hollows are one unit bursting with energy and capable of delivering scorching sets of rootsy Americana.

On June 3rd The Hollows will release their new album Between the Water and the Wonder Wheel and follow it up with a summer tour, which promises to give the rest of the country a taste of this band’s unbridled energy. On the album the band attempts to wrangle some of that live intensity, which has been described as a “ragtag set of traveling performers, accustomed to closing out barn dances and just as likely to steal your prize-winning cow as to wake up next to your sister in a hayloft.”

Today we are excited to offer an exclusive preview of The Hollows’ new album with a premiere of their new single “Mountains to the Sea”. The tune is the lovechild of twangy desert rock and The Handsome Family at an Appalachian jamboree. Couple that with roiling banjo intertwined with guitar shredding and an incessant, rowdy beat and you have yourself one killer tune. 

Band member Rob Morrison sums it up, saying, “From the dirty backwoods church organ, to the clockwork sounds of the banjo, all our parts lock together to give an intensity to the song that I love. Dark and minor, but also uptempo, ‘Mountains to the Sea’ is a real barnburner — once we kick off, there’s no turning back.”

The Hollows release Between the Water and the Wonder Wheel on June 3rd.  Pre-order the album on digital, CD, or vinyl, and get a free download of “Mountains to the Sea” today.  You can also see their tour dates HERE.


[photo: Will Heath]


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