Automobiles and Automobile Engineering

Automobiles and Automobile Engineering


Automobiles are machines used for transporting passengers and goods. They are a major source of transportation for humans in the modern world. They help us to reach the places where we cannot go by foot or any other means of transportation. They are a very important part of our daily life and we cannot imagine our lives without them. Automobile Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the manufacturing and technology of automobiles.

The modern automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1885. He used a four-stroke internal combustion engine to power his Benz Patent-Motorwagen. He is credited with creating the first commercially successful motor car. Other inventors and engineers followed with their own designs. By 1920, automobiles had become a common mode of transportation in the United States and other parts of the world.

Most cars use gasoline or another fuel to run their engines. The engine uses a set of gears to adjust the speed and torque of the wheels. Several different kinds of transmissions are also available. The most popular type of transmission is the manual one which allows you to select the gear that you want to use. There are also automatic transmissions that automatically change gears for you. Most of the newer vehicles have electronic transmissions that are much more efficient than traditional manual ones.

Other parts of the automobile include brakes, a steering wheel and a dashboard. The brakes are used to slow the vehicle and stop it when needed. The steering wheel lets you control the direction of the automobile. The dashboard is a collection of instruments and controls that provide you with information about the automobile’s status and performance. The dashboard usually has a clock, tachometer, gauges and a radio.

In addition to the basic automotive components, many people install additional gadgets and accessories in their automobiles to make them more useful or fun to drive. Car accessories can include stereo systems, cellular phone chargers and GPS navigation units. They can be bought separately or as part of a package.

Many of these accessories can be installed in your car at home, so you do not need to pay for expensive installation services. Some of them can even be purchased online.

The automobile became a force for social change in twentieth-century America. It was a key driver of economic growth, and it was the largest consumer of petroleum, steel and other industrial products. It spawned entire ancillary industries that produced the components for making cars and their fuel. It was the lifeblood of a huge industry that provided jobs for millions of Americans.

Today, it is hard to imagine modern life without the automobile. Most families have at least two vehicles, and some own as many as five or more. In the United States alone, people drive three trillion miles a year. The automobile is no longer a progressive force for social change, but it remains a vital fixture in a society that is increasingly dependent on mobile devices.