How Entertainment Has Changed Over Time

How Entertainment Has Changed Over Time


Throughout the years, entertainment has been developed and created. Whether it’s an idea, a task, or an activity, entertainment is something that holds the attention of the audience. It gives pleasure and offers the audience a variety of activities and experiences.


During the 1970s, megablockbusters began exploding onto the pop culture scene. They were financed by huge marketing campaigns. People could be enraptured by one movie for days on end. In those days, “foreign” films held a fascination.

But in the 90s, the film culture experienced general dilution. Movies became less serious and more commercial. There were more films financed by huge marketing campaigns than art. And the term “art” began to take on a different meaning.

The arrival of the “idiot box” coincided with the Cahiers crew’s efforts. The film industry had to compete for viewers, airing movies that attracted people to cinemas.


Using dance as part of the performance was a common occurrence at vaudeville shows, interludes between dramas, and other ad hoc venues. Some of the most elaborate and impressive shows took place in outdoor venues such as amphitheaters, but this is not the only place you can find these shows. Some nightclubs also employed live bands. These were generally found to be more entertaining than the drab solo acts.

While the most arduous of the dancing aficionados may claim that their profession is more about being a social butterfly than being a dancing fool, the truth of the matter is that they may be doing it for the money.

Performing arts

Performing arts in entertainment is a broad category encompassing a variety of different cultural expressions. These can be music, dance, and drama. Performing arts in entertainment can also include things like live bands, local bands, karaoke, and community plays.

Performing arts in entertainment can be a highly competitive industry. Performing artists need to have strong organisational skills, stamina, and self-discipline to succeed. This can lead to long hours of rehearsal and performance. These performers also have to deal with criticism and rejection.

Performing arts in entertainment can also be a great way to energize the local economy. This may include regenerating downtown areas, as well as providing an entertaining experience for those who live in the area. This can be done through events such as live bands, community plays, and movie theaters.

Presenting a show

Whether you are presenting a speech or a demonstration, a presentation can be a very powerful way to convey information and ideas to an audience. It can be used to persuade, inspire, inform, and motivate. However, there are some important tips to keep in mind when giving a presentation. These tips can help you prepare for any kind of presentation.

The first tip to keep in mind when presenting a show is to project the right kind of personality. It is important to know the basics of television terminology, as well as learn a few simple technical skills. It is also important to think about how you will get pumped up before presenting. Music and other entertainment can help get you in the mood.