The Different Types of News

The Different Types of News


News is information about events that are of interest to the public. It is generally reported in a brief and concise manner so that the audience can quickly obtain and process the information. It can be delivered by a variety of methods including print, television and the Internet. Understanding the different types of News and how they are presented can help writers create articles that inform and engage readers.

A good news story is new, unusual, interesting and significant. Ideally it will also contain a human element. People are often interested in the world around them, and it is not uncommon for a story to catch their attention if it involves something that directly affects their lives. A man catching the bus to work does not make news, but if the same man is the only person living in an area that is being ravaged by a pest that is destroying their crops, then it might do.

The majority of the time, a news article will contain some type of drama. A story that does not have a dramatic feel can be boring to read. In addition, a story that has the potential to be positive or inspirational is more likely to attract readership.

News often serves as a watchdog, keeping an eye out for abuses of power and bringing wrongdoing to light. It can also provide a source of entertainment and leisure by featuring lifestyle segments and cultural coverage.

In some cases, a news story may have an ulterior motive. This is a concern when it comes to the way that some of the major commercial media operate. Advertisers pay a large sum of money to air their commercials on news programs, and it is sometimes the case that gatekeepers decide what is newsworthy in order to capture the maximum number of viewers for the commercials that they are selling.

An example of this would be a grocery store chain that is having big problems; it might be in their best interests to have the story in the news line-up so that they can use it as an opportunity to drum up business and get customers through their doors.

In many ways, the news we see in the media is a reflection of the society that we live in. While the rise of new media has allowed us to access news from all over the globe, it is important to consider how different cultures and societies see a story before we publish it in our newspapers or broadcast it on our TVs. If we are not careful, the news can be a mirror of our own prejudices and preconceived notions. In addition, there is the danger that we will become desensitized to the news by constantly hearing about negative and tragic events. It is important to try and keep the news balanced so that we don’t lose our ability to be shocked. The best way to do this is to vary our sources of news and information.