What Is News?

What Is News?

News is the information that people consume to keep abreast of current events and developments. It is usually gathered through newspapers, radio and television but can also be sourced from social media and the Internet. The primary purpose of news is to inform, but it may entertain or amuse as well. This can be done by adding elements of drama, humour or comedy to the story.

There are many topics that can be considered as news, such as war, government, politics, education, the economy, health and sport. However, some of the most important news items are those that affect the lives of people in a significant way. For example, a coup d’etat in one’s own country or the neighbouring nation is big news because it can have a direct impact on citizens’ safety and security. This is especially true if the coup results in political instability and a loss of freedom.

Other topics of news are those that involve an event or development that is unusual, interesting or significant. These could include a major celebrity or sports figure’s death, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a natural disaster, a fire or terrorist attack. Often, a news item that meets all of these criteria is also significant for its timing – it happens at a point in time that is important to people’s daily lives.

The way a news story is presented and written can have a significant effect on its perceived value. A story with a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention will be read more than one that is dull and unexciting. A good headline should clearly tell the main point of the article and contain a word or two that will generate curiosity. A good news article should follow the inverted pyramid format, putting the most important facts at the beginning of the story.

A person’s biases can also influence the news they consume. This is especially true if they have an agenda, which can be conscious or unconscious. For example, if someone only reads news from a certain source that supports their own beliefs, they will not be exposed to a different viewpoint. It is important to understand what sources of news you are consuming so that you can critically evaluate them.

Depending on the type of news you read, your demographic might be quite broad or narrow. For instance, a general newspaper or news website will have a much wider audience than a regional publication or community-based website. Knowing your demographic will help you tailor the news you write to suit your readers’ needs.