What Is News?

What Is News?


News is information about current events that have relevance for a group of people. It can be read in a newspaper, broadcast on TV or radio, posted on the internet or yelled across the classroom, but it must always be interesting and accurate. It is the lifeblood of any democracy, and it is important that people keep themselves informed about the world around them.

News articles usually begin with a leading statement (thesis), which is a short summary of what the news article will be about. This is followed by an introduction which gives some background to the story and how it has come about. A good introduction should arouse interest and entice the reader to continue reading the piece.

Once the reader has been hooked, it is then necessary to present the facts of the story in a logical and concise manner. This is where the journalist’s skill comes into play. The news article should not contain any personal bias and should be objective, allowing the readers to form their own opinions without influence from the writer’s point of view. It is also important to include an interesting or provocative conclusion to the news article. This often involves a restatement of the leading statement or a statement indicating potential future developments that may affect the subject.

Hard news is what you find on the front page of a newspaper or at the top of a website and is often based on an event that has a major impact or affects large numbers of people. It might be politics, war, business, crime or natural disasters. National publications generally focus on major national events, while local newspapers concentrate on those affecting their readership.

Soft news is usually entertainment-related and concerns sex, showbusiness, sport and lighter human interest stories or animals. It might also include an unfolding drama, such as escapes, accidents or sieges and can offer opportunities for humorous treatment, entertaining photographs or witty headlines. It might also concern famous people, their achievements or problems, particularly when they are doing something unusual or breaking a law.

Money is another big issue for many people and the news often focuses on wealth, fortunes made or lost, taxes, debt and compensation claims. Even small amounts of money can make the news, such as a little girl giving her ten cents to a charity.

It is also common for the news to be based on science, such as breakthroughs in technology or discoveries in medicine and biology. It can also be based on religion, philosophy or spirituality. People are also interested in other cultures and the way they live. The news is often a mirror of society, so it shows the values, attitudes and beliefs that are held by the people who are its audience. It is important that people are aware of the news they are receiving, whether it is from a national or international source, so they can decide what it really means for them.